April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

With new sector enablement achieve success in new development

As a global exhibition that leverages global resources and serves as a crucial link in the upstream and downstream connection of the WEPACK industrial chain and always a front-runner in the industry, SinoFoldingCarton offers insight into the changes and trends across the global packaging industry and guides global packaging enterprises toward new development directions through the exhibition platform.


This Exhibition will initiate three new major themed zones, which, unlike traditional exhibition zones, spotlight today’s top concerns of packaging enterprises: automation, environmental protection, and high value-added, and truly provide packaging enterprises with implementable solutions of income growth, expenditure reduction, cost saving, and efficiency enhancement. Offering exhibitors a space to showcase their products and launch brand-new solutions, these zones lure a myriad of target & potential customers for themand win high-quality intention orders via an explicit and unified exhibition area layout and information guidance.

In combination with digital software and hardware equipment such as ground logistics equipment and AGV this zone can provide customized solutions for new factory construction, old factory upgrading adaptation. Or optimization of space utilization in origin factories, realizing factory upgrading with more efficient production capacity improvement labor saving and warehouse optimization.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • System integration
  • Loading & unloading and logistics conveyor systems and equipment
  • Information and data visualization
  • Warehouse construction and optimization

As a key strategic decision introduced by China the dual carbon policy will accelerate the country’s energy transformation and energy revolution progress. and determine the destiny of every manufacturing enterprise. As the policy advances. in the near future packaging enterprises will face up to the challenge of whether they can maintain normal manufacturing operation.

Showcasing al-round environmental solutions from environment-friendly materials to green production, and from energy conservation &emission reduction to establishing carbon-neutral supply chain, the zone makes it possible for color printing enterprises to rapidly respond to policy changes, prepare in advance, and even gain the transformation bonus under the dual carbon policy.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • New environment-friendly materials
  • Energy devices
  • Carbon neutrality consultation

The zone helps color printing enterprises create new packaging profit growth points by introducing changes and innovations in new materials and processes to the existing production equipment and allows them to secure business orders that surpass peers and achieve double growth in new business and high profits.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • In-line efficiency enhancement process
  • Efficiency enhancement process for screen printing
  • 3D technology
  • Technologies of anti-counterfeiting and special functional materials
  • Environmental protection & customization &new process packaging