April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China


Being an official Exhibitor not only positions your brand as a global innovator and leader within the corrugated industry. It also gives you access to more than 65.000 of the most influential and powerful buyers in the industry. 

Resources of global packaging shows pooled for sharing

Backed by a robust internal database, RX has integrated resources from the global packaging industry chain, including renowned packaging shows hosted in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and other countries, to support SinoFoldingCarton 2023. We capitalize on our international influence to attract overseas audience and brands to participate in the show through building a marketing platform, both online and offline, to help our exhibitors steadily increase their international influence and market share.

Massive global resources, allowing you to communicate with professional buyers across the world

Boasting a wealth of overseas resources and channels, we have collected near 100,000 effective data entries covering 196 countries on 5 continents. We have established cooperation with more than 30 travel agencies in 13 countries around the world to identify major target buyers. We have launched the ISG system in 26 countries to provide professional services in local languages. We have built in-depth cooperation with more than 40 national industry associations around the world, and partnered up with more than 50 media in the packaging and printing industry to share Information, reach target markets in different countries, and ensure that more professional buyers with high purchasing power and high willingness to buy will visit the show for business matching.

130K+ industry data, enabling targeted marketing to attract massive potential customers

Since its inception, SinoFoldingCarton has accumulated more than 130,000 quality data entries in the packaging and printing industry over the past 20 years, covering target customers in China, and updated in a timely manner to ensure data effectiveness. The data collected are further collated, segmented, and tapped into through visualized and predictive analysis, to make them into an effective professional database that can be relied upon. Besides, DM, EDM, SMS, live broadcast, among other marketing approaches, will be leveraged to boost brand influence and exposure across the board, enable your brand and product information to reach potential customers in the fastest way possible, so as to achieve targeted marketing and increase your ROI.

Omni-channel employed to attract more trade buyers

A more productive business environment for professional business matching

SinoFoldingCarton 2023 will provide exhibitors with business match-making services. Through the list of exhibitors and links contained in the recommendation email sent to the preregistered audience, the list of recommended exhibitors on the WeChat registration page for audience who will go to the site, the recommendation of exhibitors in RX's APP, and one-to-one TAP match-making meetings, business match-making guides, and exhibitor inquiry and printing services provided on-site, we will make it easier for buyers to get to know you, contact you, and meet you at the show.

Aside from that, video conversations via Teams or WhatsApp will be arranged to match our exhibitors with overseas buyers who will not be able to appear at the physical show for different reasons. We will assist you in your online business communication in a targeted and effective manner, and boost your efforts to increase international influence and market share at this time of difficulty.

Global industry activities, setting a benchmark for the industry

During SinoFoldingCarton 2023, the Corrugated World Forum and World Corrugated Awards (WCA), among other activities will be held. We also plan to hold overseas road shows and study tours in Vietnam,  Korea, Thailand, Chile, Argentina and other countries before the show, to establish the brand image of SinoFoldingCarton by working closely with industry associations in the localities.

Recap of the previous Exhibition

With overseas market enablement explore new markets

Unprecedented overseas visitor invitation strategy

1.     3,000,000: 3,000

Ramping up efforts in inviting overseas visitors, the organizer of this Exhibition has expended RMB 3 million on the promotion. invitation, and reception for overseas visitors in a bid to ensure the presence of at least 3,000+overseas folding carton visitors.


2.     1,000: 100

The overseas trade agency group incentive program offers reward of USD 100 for every trade agency in the group.


3.     1,000: 600

Reception courtesies, such as accommodation and reception dinner, are provided to group enterprises of overseas associations, with a reception cost exceeding RMB 1,000 per member.


4.     500.000:200

The top 200 overseas visitors with a purchasing amount exceeding USD 500,000 will become specially invited Taps for this Exhibition, enjoying high-quality travel services and reception.


5.     110:5

This Exhibition will invite folding carton and color printing enterprises from 110 countries and regions, with national day events convened for five countries: India, Indonesia Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. and with the focus on inviting local major factories to hold high-level trade exchanges.

With new sector enablement achieve success in new development learn more

As a global exhibition that leverages global resources and serves as a crucial link in the upstream and downstream connection of the WEPACK industrial chain and always a front-runner in the industry. SinoFoldingCarton offers insight into the changes and trends across the global packaging industry and guides global packaging enterprises toward new development directions through the exhibition platform.

This Exhibition will initiate three new major themed zones, which, unlike traditional exhibition zones, spotlight today’s top concerns of packaging enterprises: automation, environmental protection, and high value-added. And truly provide packaging enterprises with implementable solutions of income growth, expenditure reduction, cost saving, and efficiency enhancement. Offering exhibitors, a space to showcase their products and launch brand-new solutions, these zones lure a myriad of target & potential customers for them and high-quality intention orders via an explicit and unified exhibition area layout and information guidance

In combination with digital software and hardware equipment such as ground logistics equipment and AGV this zone can provide customized solutions for new factory construction, old factory upgrading adaptation. Or optimization of space utilization in origin factories, realizing factory upgrading with more efficient production capacity improvement labor saving and warehouse optimization.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • System integration
  • Loading & unloading and logistics conveyor systems and equipment
  • Information and data visualization
  • Warehouse construction and optimization

As a key strategic decision introduced by China the dual carbon policy will accelerate the country’s energy transformation and energy revolution progress. and determine the destiny of every manufacturing enterprise. As the policy advances. in the near future packaging enterprises will face up to the challenge of whether they can maintain normal manufacturing operation.

Showcasing al-round environmental solutions from environment-friendly materials to green production, and from energy conservation &emission reduction to establishing carbon-neutral supply chain, the zone makes it possible for color printing enterprises to rapidly respond to policy changes, prepare in advance, and even gain the transformation bonus under the dual carbon policy.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • New environment-friendly materials
  • Energy devices
  • Carbon neutrality consultation

The zone helps color printing enterprises create new packaging profit growth points by introducing changes and innovations in new materials and processes to the existing production equipment and allows them to secure business orders that surpass peers and achieve double growth in new business and high profits.

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • In-line efficiency enhancement process
  • Efficiency enhancement process for screen printing
  • 3D technology
  • Technologies of anti-counterfeiting and special functional materials
  • Environmental protection & customization &new process packaging

Thank TAP team for the professional services during SinoFoldingCarton 2019. The expo was properly organized. We were glad to meet with target and potential vendors. Thanks all personnel of Reed Exhibitions once again for helping me to complete my business matchmaking targets.

Mr. Rajesh Yadav
Director| Ishwar Corrugation & Packaging Industry Pvt. Ltd.

Thank Reed Exhibitions for the invitation! It was my pleasure to participate in this expo. My primary purpose was to buy machines. So far, I have met matched exhibitors who have placed orders. Whenever I encountered any issue, there would be staff I could ask for help.

Mr. Krutin Shah
Director| Jiemel Industries LTD

Thank the host for providing this gold opportunity to see latest products and technologies from so many quality enterprises in a four-day expo. This is a great platform for purchasers to look for expected products and technologies. I also established partnerships with new vendors.

Mr. Alireza Badban
General Manager| PARSINA PAPER

SinoFoldingCarton 2019 is a leading expo in the emerging carton industry. The expo provided an all-round experience opportunity and established a global carton industry platform. Thank TAP team for their hardwork.

Mr. Navjot Singh
Production Director| Manmohan Singh Marketing (I) PVT LTD


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