April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China




A leading trade platform specialized in displaying folding carton post-press equipment, consum-ables, technologies and services, the 16-year-old SinoFoldingCarton will gather high-end folding carton packaging and printing enterprises focusing on subsequent processing in the Asian region, and more than 120,000 buyers with high purchase power are expected to attend the event. Meanwhile, effective communications with 50,000-odd overseas buyers and agencies from over 100 countries and regions will be realized via online exhibition, online guide, online matching, online shopping guide and other online services. Under the help of the unique one-on-one match-ing service of TAP, exhibitors could also reach out to over 2,000 purchase buyers worldwide.










Industry Media & Associations

With new sector enablement achieve success in new development

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • System integration
  • Loading & unloading and logistics conveyor systems and equipment
  • Information and data visualization
  • Warehouse construction and optimization

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • New environment-friendly materials
  • Energy devices
  • Carbon neutrality consultation

Exhibit scope of the zone

  • In-line efficiency enhancement process
  • Efficiency enhancement process for screen printing
  • 3D technology
  • Technologies of anti-counterfeiting and special functional materials
  • Environmental protection & customization &new process packaging

Million-yuan purchase subsidy program, amplifying the effects of exhibition participation

Specially invited TAP buyer teams under Reed Exhibitions, organizer of this Exhibition, will make a million-yuan investment in a series of travel subsidies for folding carton enterprises attending and showing purchase intentions, and in additional substantial subsidies for on-site purchases, providing dual guarantee for the exhibitors' participation results.

8 Carton Packaging Solutions

digital solutions

paper surface treatment solutions

efficient linkage production solutions

food paper container processing solutions

intelligent factory solutions

cigarette, wine, electronic box, shaped box, gift box solutions

raw paper cooperation procurement and management solutions

one-stop consumables procurement solutions

3 Special Zones

food paper container equipment zone

consumables zone

bag-making zone

Focusing on the production of cutting-edge technology, high-tech equipment and materials and professional services.

With the industrial chain enablement open up new tracks


Value proposition of WEPACK

A global trade showcase platform exhibition spanning the whole packaging industrial chain and integrating series packaging exhibitions in 6 major sectors, WEPACK encompasses products, technologies and services involved in the complete packaging industrial chain from upstream to downstream, including raw paper & raw materials, packaging processing equipment, the course of packaging processing, and finished packaging products. Leveraging resources accumulated over the past 20-odd years, through the globalization scale effect and industrial layout it "links to and drives' the development of the global packaging industry, while creating huge value for upstream and downstream "symbiosis" in the industrial chain. Furthermore, it assists every packaging supplier in the industrial chain in breaking traditional patterns, making breakthroughs amid competition, gaining access to new markets, resources, and track and moving towards a more benign new development ecosystem that is more sustainable.