April, 2025
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[Online Matchmaking] One-On-One Meetings Help Korean Buyer Get His Wanted Automatic Die Cutter with Waste Stripping


On June 5-15, Reed TAP (Targeted Attendee Program) team has arranged three online one-on-one meetings for a Korean buyer to meet his procurement demand for Automatic Die Cutter with Waste Stripping.


SinoCorrugated South 2020 edition will take place during July 22 to July 24. Given the current pandemic situation, Reed has turned his TAP project online to provide better visitor service at this difficult time. The newly form of matchmaking offers a communication platform for overseas buyers with suppliers.



Buyer Info

Pung Nyun Pack Co., Ltd.

Since 1978, Pung Nyun has been devoted to manufacturing niche-market corrugated and folding cartons. Its paper egg tray design has won recognition widely.

Every month, Pung Nyun can produce 8 million trays and sells 6 million to all kinds of farms. It has six egg-tray shaping machines to guarantee it will provide customers with products on time.

Expected Product:

Automatic 1300mm Die-cutting Machine with Stripping Section

Pung Nyun is seeking a die-cutter that can be applied both on corrugated and color boxes with a stripping section. According to Pung Nyun’s special demand, Reed has selected exhibitors at all levels to help it find perfect partners.



Prospective Exhibitors

1.       Nantai Precision Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No: 3D49)

During the one-on-one online meeting held by Reed, Joe Chau, business representative of Nantai, learnt that Pung Nyun produces five-layer 7-8mm corrugated cardboard. So he recommended AP-1300 TSG automatic die-cutting machine to Mr. Choi of Pung Nyun.



     After further communication, Joe learnt that Pung Nyun’s business covers cardboard, laminated paper and traditional corrugated cardboard, so he introduced AP-1300 TSG to him– the accurate positioning function of feeder table.


Joe also recommended the AP-1600TSG model and introduced its successful application in European and Australian companies to Pung Nyun


In terms of order change, Joe played a video to show the operation of equipments and he analyzed the adaptability of equipments to different orders.




2.     Tangshan Yuanheng Printing &Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No: 3B60)


Felix Zhang, general manager of Yuanheng, introduced his company and the company’s equipment to Pung Nyun at the online meeting.


Mr. Choi showed great interest in the machine’s stripping function, and he asked to see more details of equipment operation in the video. When watching the video, he discussed the stripping design with Felix in detail.

Felix introduced the application of stripping mode in overseas customers cases.

Felix introduced the 1060mm die-cutter’s application in South America, Spain, Portugal and Poland to Mr. Choi. 

Felix and Mr. Choi exchanged their name cards and contact information, including WhatsApp and Wechat.

Felix sent a lot of videos to Mr. Choi via WeChat for reference, and Mr. Choi inquired about the equipment’s parameter. Besides, they agreed on a time for factory tour, and hoped for a deeper mutual understanding through face-to-face communication.





3.      Shanghai Yawa Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No: 2A300)


Jason Lee, business manager of Yawa, and Mr. Sha, chief engineer of Yawa attended the online meeting held by Reed. They introduced their company’s equipments and advanced technology to Pung Nyun.


Demonstration of TD 1450S automatic die-cutting machine

Product details provided by Mr. Sha

Jason Lee and Mr. Choi have exchanged their contact information for further communication.




So far, Reed has received procurement requests from more than 20 countries and regions, including India, Malaysia and Pakistan, covering corrugated production line, gluers, die-cutters, laminators, indenters, coaters, digital printers, large format offset printers, stack flexo printers and glue system.


Next Online TAP Meeting

Scheduled 4:00-5:00 p.m., June 19

Digital Printing Machines


As overseas business has been greatly affected by the virus, now it’s high time to take a step toward online programs. Join us and expand your global business!