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Schumacher Packaging takes over British packaging manufacturer Jaffabox

15 November 2019

Packaging expert expands to United Kingdom

The Schumacher Packaging Group, one of the largest family-run manufacturers of packaging solutions made from corrugated board and solid board, continues to expand: On 5th November 2019, the company took over packaging manufacturer Jaffabox Ltd based in Birmingham, England. In terms of technology, Jaffabox is fully up to speed and offers a varied selection of packaging solutions from corrugated board produced in-house – from shipping boxes to shelf-ready packaging all the way to tailored design services for individual customer requirements. Schumacher Packaging gains another strong supplier for the group of companies and a strategically important site in Europe.

With the takeover of Jaffabox, Schumacher Packaging is further expanding its presence on the European market. Particularly internationally active customers of the packaging expert with headquarters in Ebersdorf, Germany, will reap the benefits in terms of logistics. A fair few of them have sites in the UK themselves. For these customers, Schumacher Packaging can now offer a reliable partner in the country – particularly in times of Brexit. In addition, they can rely on another strong partner in the group of companies who is set apart by high standards of technology and a marked focus on service. Björn Schumacher, Managing Director of the Schumacher Packaging Group, emphasises: "Jaffabox offers immense potential which we will be able to perfectly fulfil together in our group of companies – to the benefit of all our customers." Customers of the English packaging manufacturer will also benefit from the merger. They now have access to the comprehensive product range and the full service offer of the international Schumacher Packaging Group. In all other regards, business will continue on a familiar path for Jaffabox customers, as the company will still be managed by the Amyes family.

On the path to becoming a European full-service provider
The inclusion of Jaffabox in the group of companies is another step in Schumacher Packaging's strategy of international growth. "More and more companies are active on an international scale and have sites across Europe," explains Jochen Drösel, Head of Sales at Schumacher Packaging Group. "And naturally, they prefer working with a select few suppliers serving all regions – ideally at a constant quality and price level – instead of having to choose a separate supplier for each country." That is the exact requirement the Schumacher Packaging Group aims to fulfil. Björn Schumacher explains: "The primary aim of our expansion is not to gain market shares. What we really want to achieve is to offer existing customers even more products and services and fulfil our promise of being a full-service provider as best we can."

Two packaging experts on the same wavelength
The takeover of Jaffabox is a logical strategic step for both sides, not least because the two companies have much in common: Both are owner-managed, have a successful company history spanning more than 70 years and are each led by a set of two successful brothers. "We are very happy to have become part of the Schumacher Packaging family," says Frank Amyes, one of the two Jaffabox Managing Directors. "In this way, we are making sure that we can continue the same level of service and product quality that our customers have come to expect from us. In addition, we will be able to offer them the expanded product range and European presence of Schumacher Packaging. This benefits and strengthens everyone involved."

Two companies – double the sustainability
There are also other parallels between the two companies. Both Jaffabox and Schumacher Packaging have a particularly future-oriented approach based on sustainability. As manufacturers of corrugated and solid board packaging, both companies use natural renewable raw materials – with a correspondingly beneficial carbon footprint – and manufacture products that are fully recyclable. Jaffabox focussed on reutilising packaging as early as the 1970s and has a modern recycling system. At Schumacher Packaging as well, conserving resources, environmental protection and sustainability are not just seen as important but practised every day – for example with ultra-modern production and logistics technologies. The packaging expert has three paper and cardboard machines with a self-contained recycling system for own punching waste. The innovative digital-printing technology, which Schumacher Packaging uses in a pioneering fashion primarily for series production of packaging with high-quality printing, is based on environmentally friendly, water-based inks. This also makes the production and disposal of polymer printing plates redundant. In addition, all plants of the Schumacher Packaging Group hold FSC® certification.
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