April 10th-12th 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


What is Online Guided Tour?

Guided tour routes are designed according to exhibit categories. Professional hosts visit exhibitor booths and introduce exhibits with live stream cameras. Exhibitions are fully displayed to the overseas audience through the live stream platform. 


1. Help potential buyers who are interested in specific equipment visit with high-efficiency;

2.  Provide value-added service to retaining exhibitors


•   Design thematic tours

•   MC Scripts

•   Scripts for Exhibitors(Q&A)

•   Collecting exhibitor information

•   Making the schedule

•   Training for MCs

•   Training for temps

•   MCs met with exhibitors online and setup details for the livestreaming session

•   On-site rehearsal (MCs, Temp, Exhibitors, and Cameras)

Duty Roster




On-site work

Project Leader

•       Supervise the Online Guided Tours and manage the process;

•       Edit and promote the show records

•       Confirm Routes and exhibitors with PMs;

•       Deliver duty roster;

•       Train MCs and Temps;

•       Onsite rehearsal;

•       Promote the live stream links of shows

•       Monitor the livestreaming in the central control room;

•       Manage lines for SinoCorrugated and SinoFoldingCarton;

•       Organize the interaction and Q&A between temps and online visitors


•       Introduction and Q&A

•       (one for SinoCorrugated; another for SinoFoldingCarton )

•       2 weeks prior to the show: project briefing;

•       2 weeks prior to the show: read the      exhibitor information and the scripts;

•       2 Days prior to the show: on-site rehearsal

•       Six tours for SinoCorrugated;

•       Five tours for SinoFoldingCarton;

•       Rehearsal of the Day2 tours at the end of Day1

International Sales(2)

•       Back-up MCs

•       Assist MCs to communicate with exhibitors;

•       Familiarize MCs with the routes;

•       Training MCs with industry knowledge;

•       Help MCs get better ready for the details;

•       Follow the livestreams of every guided tours, and keep close contact with the central control personnel;

•       Interpret if necessary;

Temp 1

•       Communicate with exhibitors

•       Remember the exhibition layouts and every exhibitor on every route;

•       Remind exhibitors to prepare in advance

•       Follow the livestreams of every guided tours

Temp 2

•       Read the comment section, and collect visitors’ questions to MCs

•       Remind MCs in advance

•       Filter and feedback comments

•       Follow the livestreams of every guided tours

Temp (5)

•       Monitor comments and interact with audiences in the comment section

•       Remind online visitors in advance;

•       Assist in communication with oversea buyers

•       Help overseas buyers to communicate with exhibitors

•       Read the comment section and reply comments;

•       Connect exhibitors with overseas buyers via WhatsApp; arrange online meetings