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Efficient and Coordinated Production Solutions at SinoFoldingCarton 2020

10 Apr. 2020


To solve the following problems:

- Equipment requires large area, resulting in a relatively low ROI of per unit area;

- Difficult to lower the reject ratio;

- Difficult to recruit professional talent;

- Too many man-made errors in operation. 


Shantou Shunxinlong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 5A20

Shantou Shunxinlong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated industrial company specializing in the research and development, design, production, marketing and services related to the waste stripping equipment. Now, its LF-1020 series stripping machine is not only sold across China, but also widely used in America and Southeast Asian countries. The company always pursues excellence and takes good services as the first. It believes that win-win results can be achieved through better products, better services and friendly cooperation.

Automatic Double Head Stripping Machine with Paper Receiving

The machine is used to process products after the die cutting. It has functions such as paper loading, automatic stripping, and automatic stacking.


LUSTER LightTech Group

Booth No: 2A217

LUSTER LightTech Group, founded in June 1996, is a customer-oriented company focusing on Fiber Optics and Vision Imaging fields. During the past 23 years, it concentrates on developing innovative vision technologies of surface quality inspection and has been devoted itself to five industries which are Printing Inspection, Display Inspection, PCB Inspection, 3C Electronics and Glass Inspection. So far, LUSTER has over 1300 employees and total output value exceeds 261 million USD in 2018. It is its goal to support our customers throughout the entire production process and help them to achieve their dreams and add values to their products.

For printing industry, LUSTER provides automated vision inspection solutions and intelligent quality management service for flexible packaging, label, sheet-fed packaging and tobacco packaging in the printing process and final check. With our strong research team, flexible solutions and professional services, we aim to help our customers improve their quality management standard to a higher level in much lower costs and greater efficiency.

PrintMan-650S Sheet-fed Packaging Inspection

This is specially developed for sheet-fed packaging inspection such as pharmaceutical packaging, food & beverage packaging, 3C electronic products packaging, cosmetic packaging etc. Its wide adaptability allows accurate inspection of highly-reflective materials as well as normal ones, for instance gold and silver paperboard, holographic paperboard, aluminized material and stamping material. It is able to inspect defects like streak line, missing print, dirty spot, splash, mis-registration, colour variation as well as embossing defects. What's more, it can provide effective inspection and verification of variable data.

PrintingProof Alignment Inspection System

The alignment system, supported by PrintingProof software and scanners for print inspection, provides a set of solutions to identify the differences between electronic files, between electronic files and print samples, and between print samples. It can be used to detect misregistration, trapping, smudges, defects, colour deviation as well as text, graphics, and image errors, etc. It can be applied in the mechanical and flat proofreading, first sample checking, printing inspection and the like throughout the printing. The inspection system with high efficiency and precision can significantly improve the productivity efficiency.


Hangzhou IECHO Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 2A135

IECHO is now the leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems in China with more than 20 years development on cutting technologies. IECHO provides integrated solutions to a wide range of industries including sign & graphics, packaging, textile, leather, furniture, automotive and composites, etc. With good quality and excellent performance, IECHO products are highly praised by the customers from more than 100 countries. The pursuit of precision, reliability, fair price and good performance has always been in its goal.

BK2 High Speed Digital Cutting System

BK2 high precision digital cutting system can realize through cutting, kiss cutting, engraving, V-cut, creasing and marking functions with high speed and high precision. With stacker and collecting system, it can complete the material feeding and collecting quickly. BK2 is quite suitable for sample making and small scale production in sign, advertising, printing and packaging industries. BK cutting system is the real all-around champion in material cutting.

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

PK system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with various cutters, it can quickly and precisely make through cutting, kiss cutting, creasing, marking, etc. It is quite suitable for sample making and small scale production in sign, advertising, printing and packaging industries. It is a cost-effective smart equipment that can meet all your creative processing.


Dongtai Dingxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 2B151a

Dongtai Dingxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading specialized manufacturer of flute laminators in China. With more than ten years of manufacturing experience, the company can provide high quality products, reasonable price and quick after-sales service, thus growing continuously and quickly to win the trust of domestic and overseas customers. Adopting a constructive & flexible approach, it is laying great emphasis on R&D efforts for product development and innovation to enhance our product range, and to satisfy the requirement of different customers.

Auto High Speed Flute Laminating Machine + Automatic Flip-flop Stacker

- Auto Cardboard Laminator(DX-1207/DX-1210/DX-1410)

1. Free maintenance, low noise and high efficiency

2. Shorten lead time of paper replenish-ment and increase efficiency

3. No suction mechanism above paper stacker offers more spacious operation room

4. E-type holder plate and high speed elevator jointly pull out laminated sheets rapidly and conveniently.

5. Selected electonic elements perfect both operation and safety.

6. Prevent roller ends at high speed from glue overflowing.

- Auto High Speed Flute Laminator(DX-1450/DX-1650 /DX-1650X/DX-2100)

1. Computerized high-speed lamination at max. 1000 sheets/ hour (600 mm long)

2. Leading-edge Litho Feeder ensures stable running at high speed/ Shaftless back feeder with servo control,over-lapping paper feed.

3. Feeder Base: Low E-type Piling table ensures direct paper feeding by pallet cart. Railway truck pre-loader is optional.

4. High- precision gluing rollers, glue side stopper, auto glue level controller, no overflow at high speed and glue recirculation system.

5. Multiple sensors detect relative position of bottom paper, while servo motors ensure dependent upper paper delivery compensation to guarantee precise aligning of two sheets.

- Automatic Flip-flop Stacker

1. Integrated with flute laminator to faciliate automatic collection of specified copies of  laminated sheets.

2. Fully automatic Intermittent turning, flip-flop stacking in order.

3. Time saving, Labor saving, production efficiency improving.

4. Stacked by one pile of up and one pile of down or two piles of up and two piles of down subject to paper pile thickness and operation request.

5. Automatic paper pile height setting.

6. Touch screen operation, easy to learn.

7. Max. speed is 10000 copies per hour.


Dongguan Shengtu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 2A35

Dongguan Shengtu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier for printing packaging equipment as well as relevant packaging solutions. Its service network has been built across the globe. With continuous research and development, it has made great breakthrough in technologies used to produce case making machines, case lining machines and paperboard slitter machines. It has been insisting on technological innovation, modernization, and internationalization, trying to be creative and excellent.

ST036XL Automatic Case Making Machine

It is specialized in producing hardcover books of square or round ridge, desk calendar, mobile phone box, wine box, gift box, Y-O notebook and folder, etc.

ST060H High Speed Case Making Machine

It is specialized in producing hardcover books of square or round ridge, desk calendar, mobile phone box, wine box, gift box, Y-O notebook and folder, etc.


Anhui Innovo Bochen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 2C150

Anhui Innovo Bochen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded in 2012, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the marketing, research and development of machinery and providing import and export operations and technical training. It’s a professional company which manufactures and sells printing machines and office equipment. Its high quality products and perfect service have enjoyed a high reputation among customers all over the world. It has set up sales and service outlets in the United States, Russia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places. The company's "after-sales service department" is composed of dozens of experienced and technically-skilled technicians, providing technical support and after-sales service for domestic and global customers.

Automatic High Speed Flute Laminating Machine

The machine can make paper laminated with corrugated paperboard to increase its strength and thickness. After the die-cutting, the paper can be used for making various corrugated boxes.

Automatic Flip Flop Stacker Machine

The automatic pile turner machine is an accessory product of the flute laminating machine, and includes a feeding table, a turning table and a paper receiving table which are sequentially assembled. In this way, the paper is fully automated for paper counting, paper turning, and paper stacking, and has the effect of flattening and affixing the paper.