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Wuhan reopens after coronavirus lockdown

9 Apr. 2020

This is the moment that Wuhan, China, reopened. The city was under lockdown for the last 76 days amid a tight coronavirus quarantine. Home to over 11 million people, the Chinese city celebrated its reopening with a midnight light show.

As the rest of the world tackles the coronavirus pandemic, China has been sending medical support across the globe to help other countries.

Many families have been apart since the lockdown began, and now that travel restrictions have been lifted many reunion are happening across the city.

Hubei to uphold first-level emergency response as Wuhan ends lockdown

Before the city was reopened, Central China's Hubei Province said on Tuesday it will stick to first-level emergency response in tackling COVID-19, even as its capital, Wuhan, lifts travel restrictions.

Provincial colleges, primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools, technical colleges and kindergartens will continue to postpone the start of new semester, said the notice.

Hu Shuguang, Wuhan's Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said epidemic control and prevention remain top priority in Wuhan, and people should stay alert.

Hu stressed that reporting no new case doesn't mean there's zero risk of the virus in Wuhan. The epidemic control and prevention task remains critical.

As for now, many residents are celebrating, while remaining alert for signs of the virus.




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